Episcopal Senior Communities (ESC)

HealthCare Case Study


Episcopal Senior Communities (ESC) operates six continuing care communities and four affordable housing communities from Monterey to Santa Rosa, CA. ESC has a thriving home and community-based services team which serves seniors throughout the greater Bay Area. In addition to existing services which actively promote intellectual, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing, ESC sought to provide a greater level of security to its more than 2000 residents. Chris Dana, Vice President of IT, identifies ESC’s primary challenge, “We wanted to find a door access solution that could leverage our existing 802.11 Wi-Fi infrastructure at our communities. One of our critical goals for our communities is to improve resident
safety and security.”


The solution was BlueWave Security’s access control system. Distributor partner, Accu-Tech and IES, a nationwide provider of products and services for mission critical infrastructure, delivered an integrated access control solution utilizing Bluewave Security’s product line. This large project required significant design and system implementation planning to meet the needs of both ESC and its residents. “Accu-Tech and IES have been very professional. Our experience working with them on a large door access project that involves both new construction and renovation work has been exemplary to date. Accu-Tech and IES have been crucial to getting this project started off properly by helping us navigate through a high level of technical detail while working with a varied group of stakeholders,” said Dana.


BlueWave Security provides a standards-based access control solution to maximize flexibility and manageability while minimizing both installation costs and total cost of ownership. BlueWave’s door access technology provided the Episcopal Senior Communities with: “We have already recommended the BlueWave system to some of our peers. We share that BlueWave Security has been nothing but professional to work with and we have been very happy with the outcome of our first installation at St. Paul’s Towers.” -Chris Dana, Vice President IT at Episcopal Senior Communities