Fort Worth Christian School

Access control solution from BlueWave Security improves school security and student safety


The Challenge

With over 100 staff members and a large contingent of parent volunteers, the existing key management system at Fort Worth Christian School had not kept pace with school growth. Brooks Kennedy, Network Administrator, was approached by the President of the school to investigate the installation of an access control solution for the campus. “We wanted to have better control over when people were coming into the buildings, particularly outside of normal school hours,” explained Kennedy. Using mechanical locks and keys, there was no real way of tracking this information.

The Solution

Kennedy turned to Brian Brookhouse, a school parent and owner of BB Locksmiths, who recommended BlueWave Security’s network based access control solution. After evaluating other options, Brooks chose to install the BlueWave system on all of the 11 primary exterior doors in each of the main buildings on campus. The system was configured to automatically unlock and lock the doors each school day based on the school calendar.

Staff members are now issued HID credit card sized proximity cards instead of keys. Each card can be individually programmed to only allow access during certain hours. Every time a card is used to open a door, the system records the date and time in a central database. Cards can be turned on or off in real-time, eliminating the need for costly lock re-keying due to unreturned keys. In the first month of operations, the system caught a group of youths using their parent’s card to play basketball in the gym late one night.

Kennedy can even access the system over the Internet from his home. If there is a last minute school cancellation due to snow, Kennedy can easily lock all of the doors remotely from the comfort of his living room. “I feel really comfortable with the system, it works well,” reports Kennedy. “We will add more doors to the system as we can afford to, probably 2-3 per year.”

Fort Worth Christian School

Founded in 1958, Fort Worth Christian School provides pre-K through high school education for over 800 students on a forty acre, ten building campus in Fort Worth, Texas. The mission of the Fort Worth Christian School is to recognize each student as a unique child of God, while providing excellent biblical, artistic, academic and athletic instruction based on Christian principles.

BlueWave Security

BlueWave provides end-to-end physical access control solutions based on the IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) standard coupled with industry best-of-breed IP Wi-Fi and Ethernet management and security tools. The Blue Wave solution eliminates the need for panels, lowers installation cost by eliminating long wire runs, connects to the network using existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections and provides real-time management and control from any computer on the network.