Frost & Sullivan Recognizes BlueWave Security’s Excellence in Product Innovation


Product Innovation Award

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Advancing the Integration of Security Systems

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — September 12, 2008 — Based on its recent analysis of the electronic access control systems market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes BlueWave Security, Inc. with the 2008 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation. The company’s BlueLink IP door controllers have helped solution providers offer a flexible and cost-effective technology for integrating access control readers within a facility.

With the development of wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), a wireless local area network (WLAN) was created to connect not only computers and servers but also other consumer electronic devices as well. Within the coverage area, the devices can securely access the LAN, wide area network, or the Internet over the Wi-Fi network.


“Currently, IP access control systems are managed by a central server over a LAN, with the signals from the readers being carried through a proprietary access control panel, over ethernet cables, to the central server,” explains Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst George C. Paul. “However, all the readers and locking hardware must be connected to the controller panels using RS-232 cables, which is often a challenge.”


Service providers are also often challenged by the building layout and/or construction, as it may present physical restrictions for laying cables. This dramatically increases the costs of installing traditional access control solutions. Since access control solutions account for more than 75 percent of the total solution cost, both service providers and end-users may be reluctant to adopt them. However, they can avoid such situations using Wi-Fi, since a single Wi-Fi router can handle multiple readers fitted with the BlueWave Wi-Fi door controller.


“Building layout and construction is less of a concern when using a Wi-Fi LAN for communications with the readers, as it increases the flexibility of the setup,” observes Paul. “Costs can also be slashed by eliminating the expense and maintenance of the actual proprietary cabling.”


Open standards has been one of the most important drivers of Wi-Fi. It went a long way in encouraging its acceptance when Wi-Fi was introduced for WLAN, as well as for Bluetooth in mobile phones. Open standards promote innovation and thereby, aid greater adoption and revenues.


BlueWave, by combining Wi-Fi and IP access control, has introduced a product that is based on an open standard. This product can be integrated with existing products for routing Wi-Fi signals.


“Since Wi-Fi controllers work on open standards, they can be handled like other Wi-Fi devices common to IT personnel,” notes Paul. “This also applies to the distribution channel, where the entire IP access control system with the Wi-Fi controllers can be handled by both the security system integrators as well as the IT system integrators.”


By primarily focusing on flexibility and cost reduction, and developing an access controller based on open standards, BlueWave has provided a solution that is compatible with existing Ethernet and Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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