*New Product* The BluePass Reader

Turn your smartphone into a Prox card…
Walk up to a door with your Bluetooth smartphone and the virtual Wiegand card will communicate to the BlueWave access control system for authentication and authorization… secured and quick access… it is that easy!

BluePass is a proximity reader that connects with any Bluetooth smart phone and is fully integrated with BlueView software and BlueWave’s complete access control solution.

BluePass Bluetooth Reader
Part# BP1

Is BluePass Secure?
Yes – each smartphone has a unique Bluetooth address that is converted to one of the virtual Wiegand numbers communicating directly with the BlueWave system. The access rights for the virtual Wiegand card number is determined by the BlueWave access control system only.

Can I Use BluePass with my Existing Cell Phone?
Yes – as long as an existing cell phone is a Bluetooth smartphone it can be used for BluePass access. You do not need any special mobile service provider applications and will not incur additional costs (outside of the standard Bluetooth provider costs) to use BluePass. You may even unlock the door while on a phone call.

Can I Continue to Use a Prox Card with BluePass?
Yes – BluePass can be connected in parallel with an existing BlueWave access Wiegand prox reader.

Features and Functions:

  • 29bit BlueWave format automatically sends card numbers for all Bluetooth devices in range
  • Wide area read range availability from 1m (3 feet) for doors or 10m (30 feet) for gates
  • Wireless Bluetooth communication from the smart phone to the reader allows inside installation and aids to prevent vandalism and weather proofing
  • No additional codes or cards to carry – the phone is the only credential required


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