Cards and Accessories

Prox/Fob/Photo Cards, Connectors, Loops, Splitters/Injectors

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26B-CLMS-20 26bit Wiegand Standard Prox Cards (20 Pack)
26B-ISO-20 26bit Wiegand ISO Photo Ready Card (20 Pack)
26B-FOB-10 26bit Wiegand Prox Fob (10 Pack)
ACPTL 8′ AC Line Cord with pigtail connects
CAM-108 Cam Lock
DC-CON Concealed Door Contact
DL-AE Door loops – alloy ends
DL-PE Door loops – standard – plastic ends
INS108B 11.25″X11.25″X3.5″ Instrument Box
POE-SPL POE Splitter 802.3af 15.4w
POE-INJ POE Injector 802.3af 15.4w