a full-feature access control system without the use of panels or proprietary networks

BlueWave Security provides a standards-based access control solution to maximize flexibility and manageability while minimizing both installation costs and total cost of ownership.

Our customers are not limited to a single vendor’s management and security toolset. Rather, our customers may use their choice of tools from an entire industry of security and management products.

Our Customers

BlueWave Brings IP-based Access Control to:


“Blue Wave Security has the best IT-based access control door controllers that I have ever seen in my life, and I have been doing this for over 20 years. I think their product stands alone as far as ease of installation, ease of setup and operation for qualified personnel.”
- John Laney – North Texas Communications (Chief Operations Officer)

“In a market that has been dormant in terms of technology innovation, BlueWave has shaken up the industry by embracing open standards using Wi-Fi and Ethernet.”
- Dilip Sarangan – Frost & Sullivan (Physical Security Analyst)

“BlueWave’s IP-based solution seamlessly integrates with our other IP products and services. Our customers want an end-to-end IP-based solution. The BlueWave solution is feature rich, cost competitive and highly scalable.”
- John Persuitte – RCDD ASD (Systems Integrator)

“The key to developing our business relationship with BlueWave is their can-do attitude and approach to solving our access control challenges with flexibility and adaptability. BlueWave is a customer centered partner. They have a ‘we will win’ attitude and we are pleased with our selection of BlueWave as our access control provider.”
- Stephen Competello – Macy’s Director of Operations/Technology for Central Loss Prevention (Retail Customer)