In your casual surfing of the vast interweb over the past few days, it is possible you have seen a few “BlueWave” ads here and there. Let me rephrase…..hopefully you have seen a few “BlueWave” ads popping up.

At the start of 2020 we talked ad nauseam about updating our image, investing in marketing and increasing our digital presence in the security space. Finally, four months and a global pandemic later, we launched our first ever marketing campaign. I know bragging about paying for advertisements is, well, declassee. We get just as annoyed with unsolicited internet ads as the next layperson.

With that said, we tried to create our ads, and our ad strategy, with you in mind. Quick and simple, easy to look at, and direct. We are not trying to sell you a car by showing you landscapes, or cigarettes by showing you cowboys. We are trying to sell security…by showing you security.

As of May 1st we went live with a handful of Google Search and Google Display Network Ads. In June we intend to expand our marketing scope to include Facebook and LinkedIn as well. If you see one and like it, let us know! If you see one and hate it, let us know!

The overall marketing strategy involves a full funnel media approach, including digital ad buys, regular updates to our website and blog, a brand playbook, upper and lower funnel strategies, video promotions, support videos and simplifying our buying process. None of this would be possible without the leadership from our newest team member Willa McKinley. Willa previously worked with notable marketing firms like Ogilvy and Mather, OMD and Mering Carson. She brings her expertise to our little shop and has whipped us into shape. With her behind the wheel we are excited for the potential our marketing holds.

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