Our doors opened back in 2005, over 15 years ago. But in many ways, 2020 kickstarted a rebirth for BlueWave. As I have alluded to in past blog posts, the turn of the decade brough with it a revamped marketing initiative, a new look and feel, some new faces and a new sales initiative.

In this continued effort to stay current, we have recently added another facet to our toolbox….Instagram. Granted, access control boards are not the sexiest subject and we aren’t expecting to go viral. We do however feel that it is important to show who we are and what we do. As part of a culture that is image focused, tethering your brand to imagery, faces, aesthetics and posts is important. Plus, it is fun, and humanizes us…..we think.

If you are curious, go on over to Instagram and give us a follow @bluewavesecurity (https://www.instagram.com/bluewavesecurity/).

The account, managed by our very own Malu Kineret, will be updated biweekly and include fun “Stories”, “Posts” and even links to our website, our blog, a Summer Sale that is coming up, and of course, our smiling faces.

We are more committed than every to securing what matters, you. In that continued effort, we want to put some faces to names and hear from you. Throw us a like, drop us a comment or slide into our DM’s!

We love connecting with folks in the industry to answer questions or swap war stories.

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