As we launch headlong in to the next decade, BlueWave has much to be thankful for and reflect on. In the past year alone we have implemented a handful of changes, brought in some new faces, continued to rely on some familiar ones, and remained dedicated and dogged in our mission – to secure what matters.

That is right! BlueWave Security turns 15 in 2020! We can hardly believe it.

Much like the 15 year old in your household, we are emerging from our mood swings, maturing, evolving, and starting to put those blemishes in our rearview. The past 15 years of operation have been full of learning, growing, shrinking, succeeding, failing and most everything in between.

Having brought in and ushered out an entire decade, weathered the 2008 financial crisis and moved offices a handful of times, we feel ready to take on our 15th, 16th, 20th, 25th years with grace and ever-increasing determination.

Stay tuned for out upcoming blog post “2019 In Review” and be sure to peruse the new and improved website for updates on our latest product offerings.