Amazon is great for many things. Screaming deals on books, some interesting streaming content, Prime Day, etc. But when you are looking for commercial security, it is best to avoid Amazon.

This may seem obvious, but a quick price comparison between a few CCTV cameras that you can find on Amazon, and what you might be quoted from, say, BlueWave, will leave you scratching your head. Why is there such a drastic difference in price? 

The quick answer? Quality.

CCTV and Video Surveillance equipment that is available via online retailers and various retail stores are, in short, inferior to those offered by professional security outfitters. One of the main differences is megapixels….or to the laymen, video quality. Most cameras available online come in around 3 megapixels, which is honestly respectable. But, most of these cameras are also wireless, and streaming over Wifi at 3 megapixels can cause bandwidth issues, are a hacking risk, and are notoriously unreliable in commercial buildings with steel and concrete construction.

Our camera offerings, for example, start at 4 megapixels, and we go all the way up to 12 megapixels. Granted, at some point the cost efficacy of increased megapixels begins to diminish, but anywhere in the 4 to 5 range will give you drastically increased clarity, more zoom capabilities, better overall utility and more functionality with analytics (reporting, facial and movement recognition, etc.). 

I could continue with the side by side comparison all day and belabor that our cameras are better than Amazon’s. Alas, I will not do that, but I will make just one more point. Perhaps the most important one: storage.

Storage is perhaps the single most important aspect of any video surveillance system. Looking back at old footage is the most common request we get for our camera support. If you go for the cheaps, it is likely that the storage capability of your system will be, well, garbage. Most commercial systems store anywhere between 30-40 days. This varies depending on camera count and hard drive size, but roughly a month is standard. Most online retailers do not actually offer a recording mechanism/device with their offerings – and thus leave it up to the buyer to figure out storage by themselves. If you are inexperienced with this, it can be an absolute nightmare.

So, shelling out for an NVR, with RAID storage, and a professional team just a phone call away, usually pays dividends down the line. 

In short, video surveillance can be a complicated piece of your security system. If it were as simple as buying a camera and slapping it on a wall we would be out of business! Investing in a robust, professional grade security system now will save you money down the line.

For more information, reach out directly to us or check out our website.

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