Don’t Forget About Credentials

by 12/11/19

After months of budget requests, design tweaks, installation and administrator training…your IP based access control system is up and running.  The feedback is positive, and you even received firsthand accounts of the system working in real-time.  That strange person loitering in the parking lot this morning was not able to access the building.  YES!

Your BlueWave commercial grade access control system seamlessly jumped onto your existing network, behind the firewall, and only requires minimal maintenance.  Aside from the occasional firmware and software upgrade and best practice database clean-up (depending on size of system) your new BlueWave access control brings peace of mind.  Plus, there are no pesky license fees to process on a monthly basis.

With all the excitement around the latch retraction crash bar, and the high voltage batteries, the custom IP addressed door controllers, and the fancy software to play with one important thing often slips through the crack…don’t forget about credentials!!! 

BlueWave is your one stop shop for all your IP access control system’s ongoing credential requirements.  We stock ISO cards, clamshell cards and fobs for immediate shipment.  We also fulfill custom design and printing requests and even card management services to ensure you NEVER forget about credentials.

Contact our sales team to place an order today!

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