I’d like to begin this post with a story I was told by our former lead of product development, Mr. James Botek. 

One day, James was meeting with a potential customer at one of the school district’s elementary schools. For some reason or another, there was no one at the location to let him in when he rang the intercom. After standing there for about 5 minutes, a homeless man came up to James and asked if he was trying to get into the school. 

“Yes” replied James. 

To that, the homeless man went up to the door, typed in the 4-digit code and let James into the building, all the while explaining that he knew the code because he often (unbeknownst to the school’s staff) used the bathrooms inside. 

If you’re thinking: hey wait a minute, this homeless guy shouldn’t be able to get into this elementary school to use their bathrooms, you’re not alone.

So where did this school go wrong? 

They opted for single credential access. They decided that one level of security was enough, and unfortunately in this situation, they miscalculated. What they really needed, and what James was quick to suggest to the school’s staff, was a dual credential reader. 

I know what you’re thinking: Woah, Woah, Woah, that sounds expensive sir! Do I look like I’m some sort of highfalutin oil baron that lies on a chaise lounge made of gold bricks while being hand fed silver spoonfuls of foie gras!?

And to that I say: Fear not fellow traveler, I have not mistaken you for a pompous billionaire relaxing on a pile of rare metal while being fed goose liver. And that expensive sounding dual credential reader I just mentioned, it’s actually a lot cheaper than you’d think. Keypads made for dual credentials are only about $70 more than a traditional reader. For double the security! Now that’s a deal!

See, dual credential is a system that provides a higher level of security because, you guessed it, you need two credentials. It’s just like your debit card. Every time you go to an ATM, you are using a form of dual credential, 1. you need to insert your unique card, and 2. you need to input your unique pin. Without one of these two credentials, good luck getting any money out. The same thing goes for a dual credential reader at a door. You need to show your card, and input your code. 

Now, with this in mind, let’s revisit that story I told you at the top, but this time with a dual credential in place. If the homeless guy learns your code, that’s not enough, he also needs your card. Or vice versa, if a homeless guy finds your card, he still needs to know the code. The result: no more homeless guy using the kid’s bathroom. Thus, the undeniable power of dual credentials!

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