Let me set the scene.

Someone at work sends you an email complaining that the [insert tech gadget] is broken. They will claim that they are terrible with technology and have no idea how to fix it, so that will be your responsibility.

You, slightly more technology fluent but no Bill Gates, are also at a loss. With a pull from your caffeine reservoir, you jump start your brain, pick up the phone, and call the maker/manufacturer’s tech support line.

And, we have arrived, “Tech support….please hold”

“Please hold” is among the most repeated phrases in corporate America, and yet when we hear it, our rage rises from our loins with meteoric ferocity and our knuckles turn white on the receiver. Perhaps the only thing more maddening is an automated answering machine. You calmly listen to the choices, continue to select “More Options” and spend ten minutes stuck inside a feedback loop. In short, the support line has become markedly unsupportive, tedious, a certain addition to Dante’s inferno had he been alive for the experience.

But, why? Why is tech support especially painful in a technology addicted world? Corporate structure is perhaps one reason. According to the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), ineffective company procedures and poorly trained agents are major obstacles to providing satisfactory experiences. One ICMI study sited more than 90% of managers admitted to having problematic customer and technical support models.

Another shortcoming of tech support; communication. This is two pronged – first, most large companies have an answering machine/robot or a gatekeeper. Being limited to a few choices at the onset of a conversation drastically reduces any nuance or finesse often required for most advanced problem solving. By the time you do reach a living breathing human being you have already popped a few blood vessels. Which brings us to number two, language barriers. Most low-level support functions are conducted offshore, by non-native speakers. This is effective on balance sheets, but severely impacts communication and resolution.

In the realm of access control, tech support, or lack thereof, becomes crucially important, fatally important. The difference in minutes between resolving a locked or unlocked door can be the difference between life and death – this is not an exaggeration.

Here comes the pitch.

BlueWave does not have a gatekeeper. We do not have an automated answering machine.

When you call 760-929-9596 a human being answers, and if they cannot solve your problem, they will transfer you to the person who can.

Most access control and surveillance systems are similar, if not downright identical. What sets us apart is our white glove approach to support. The difference is noticeable.

Don’t believe me? Try me.


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