Access control can be daunting at times. Trying to schedule 95 doors across 5 locations with 400 different employees can seem like a mountain of data, Prox cards, IP addresses, Lunch orders… sorry that’s just me.

I am here to give you hope. If you follow these few guidelines I am sure your system will be humming like a bird!

A good system starts with good information – doors, people/groups, and shifts. These are the core elements to any access control system. With Bluewave we have three automatically generated spreadsheets that make importing this information feel like a layup (I am a big analogy guy). Once we have filled out the spreadsheet, imported the file, validated, and uploaded we are more than 90% there. 

Pushing permissions is another critical step when tuning your Access Control system.The information in your spreadsheets and software must continuously be updated and sent out to the boards via ethernet. You can push updates out to the boards manually in the software, or, wait for the end of each day when the system will automatically update itself. This is an important process to monitor because an inability to push permissions is often a warning sign that there is something funky going on with a board. Getting ahead of potential problems is a great way to make sure your system continues to run smoothly.

It is also important to exercise a certain level of patience when setting up/tuning your access control system. Start with broad permissions and mass uploads to get your system up and running. Over the span of a few weeks seek to get more granular with your administration. Starting broad and working toward more precision is a great way to learn the system, and also ensure that your entire database and system is organized.

Designating an “Admin” is the last piece of the puzzle. You can designate multiple “Admins” each with different unique credentials – but essentially this person will be responsible for the day to day administration and maintenance of your system. Adding/Deleting credentials, setting holiday shifts, pushing updates and permissions and troubleshooting are among the most common day to day activities. If your system is a BlueWave system (fingers crossed) than you are in luck! Not only is our line always available but we have a plethora of troubleshooting and training videos on our youtube channel. 

Now that we have the correct data, designated admins, and access to the BlueWave tech line and youtube channel, your system is going to be slick!  

You might even be inclined to tell all your friends how great Bluewave is… just an idea.

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