San Francisco, California

BlueView Platform and Support Level: Professional

Years as BlueWave Customer: 5

The Minnesota Street Project is a multi-use gallery space in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district. Most commonly used for art galleries, shows, studio space and non-profit displays and events, the three warehouses are a vibrant example of the storied art scene in San Francisco! Founders Deborah and Andy Rappaport are proud to forge a path of self-sustained art patronage where their success is shared with artists, art businesses and the art community at large. We are equally proud to help keep their facilities secure!


Given the dynamic nature of the art world and the Minnesota Street Project’s model, various shows, different exhibits, tons of personnel in and out, and multiple locations, they needed a robust solution that could span three different warehouses, allowing for complex access schedules, support rapid change in personnel and credentials, and ultimately keep their security and the artist’s work as secure as possible. 

We started with a handful of doors (egress points, employee only sections, etc.) and have slowly ramped up the door count over the past five years. With the versatility of BlueWave’s door schedules and “shifts” the Minnesota Street Project has been able to tweak their access schedules to allow for a variety of different entry credentials throughout a given event by door. Basically, they have complete control of who goes where and when, in all three of their buildings. At events with caterers, bartenders, full-time employees, part time employees, interested patrons and potential bad actors all swirling around valuable creative property, full control is essential.

As Co-Founder Andy Rappaport put it, “…with varied groups of short and long term tenants and users across three buildings and in various restricted zones within those buildings, not to mention our employees and security personnel…we are constantly creating new privilege groups, schedules and issuing and deactivating credentials. BlueView has become an integral part of our operation”.

It all sounds quite complicated – and it is. But through our easy to use interface and web portal, administration of even the most complicated system is made easy.

Continued Relationship

As the Minnesota Street Project continues to grow, we plan on growing with it! What is now a 3-building campus with 25+ doors has the potential to double, even triple in size. With that growth, security concerns will inevitable follow and we hope to be right there lending our expertise and technology.

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