BlueWave Security is proud to be Made in the USA

We are proud of the phrase: Made in the USA. For starters, it is increasingly uncommon in our globalized world. Most intellectual property originates outside of our borders and is shipped in from disparate corners to hungry domestic consumers. And, while utilizing the global supply chain might be attractive for financial reasons, there are significant advantages to keeping our cards a little closer to the chest.

Our pride is one thing, and as much as we love to brag about our manufacturing facilities being onshore, we would never let hubris hurt our business. Maintaining the reins on our intellectual property is essential for our market position. If we were to partner with an international business, seeking out the path of least resistance, we would inevitably have to relinquish our secret sauce. NDA’s and Employee Agreements go a long way, but the best way to keep a secret is to not repeat it. Our secret remains safe, right here where it was built! We like to be secure….after all, we are security people.

Trade secrets aside, keeping our manufacturing here in the States makes us feel good. Yeah, maybe this part is about pride. Creating jobs, paying salaries to people we know, providing a real and quantifiable service to fellow Americans is a position we relish and consider an integral part of our mission. Our business relies on the American market, and what better way to pay it forward than pay it back?

To be totally transparent, our supply chain is not absent from international vendors. We partner with a number of offshore manufacturers for pieces of the access control system – but our central technology and our access control boards are still manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA. As part of our long-term sustainability plan we are focusing on ways to shorten our supply chain, and use businesses closer to home. We are expressly committed to doing right by our neighbors and spending our money in our backyard is a major piece of that puzzle.

We are full of gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunities and partners we have close to home, the great country we do business in, and the bright future ahead.

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