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    What is Access Control?

    Access Control is managing who can go where, when, and providing an audit trail of those activities. There are 5 main components to an access control solution and BlueWave Security is your one source for each of them. They include a NetGen controller, BlueView software, credential reader, electrified locking device and credential (card, fob, etc.). Access control is an integral piece of a comprehensive commercial physical security solution to keep people safe, protect assets, prevent loss and meet industry specific codes/regulations. BlueWave’s IP based access control communicates over the corporate network using standard IT protocols and policies to maintain cybersecurity.

    Other commonly used names for access control may include but not be limited to; fob system, badge system, badging in and out system and keycodes on a door.

    How Many Doors Does a NetGen Controller Control?

    BlueWave’s NetGen Controller (P/N: NG1-E-BO)  is a single door controller.  It is designed for at the door installation to reduce installation costs by minimizing wire runs to each individual device.  Each door requires a network cable drop for communication via the corporate network.

    Does BlueWave’s Video Surveillance Solution Work with Our Existing Cameras?
    BlueWave’s video surveillance network video recorders (NVRs) and central management software (CMS) are the foundations for our video surveillance solution. They are designed to optimize the capabilities of IP-based megapixel cameras with onboard video analytics, day/night capabilities, H.265 compression and multiple I/Os.  BlueWave offers a robust family of our own IP cameras with all the latest technology available on the market to compliment our NVRs and CMS.

    Our NVRs and cameras are all ONVIF compliant.  ONVIF is an open industry standard that provides interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.  If existing cameras are ONVIF compliant, there is a good chance, but not a guarantee, that they will work with our system. We cannot guarantee that all features such as analytics, dewarping and sometimes basic settings will work properly.

    Does BlueWave Security Provide Installation and On-Site Service?
    BlueWave Security is a security technology manufacturer.  We design/develop, produce and assemble IP based access control and video surveillance products.  We are a One Stop Shop for all your access control, electrified locking hardware, Request to Exit (REX) devices, PoE splitters, power supplies, credentials, Network Video Recorders (NVR), video surveillance cameras and more.

    We do NOT provide installation and maintenance services factory direct.  We have a network of Service Centers and Certified Installers throughout the United States that provide such services.  Contact us and tell us about your project and we will team you up with the right partner when the time is right!

    Are your Access Control Solutions cloud-based?

    Yes, BlueWave access control and video surveillance solutions can be cloud-based.  Our software runs on a secure corporate network using standard IT protocols and policies to maintain cybersecurity.  It can be installed onto a corporate server, virtual machine (VM), or dedicated laptop with the minimum recommended processor and storage space.

    When it comes to communicating with door controllers, we connect them in two ways. First, a LAN connection or a second cellular connection. If connecting to the cloud then a VPN broker is used to make sure data is secured and your network is protected.

    Our software, BlueWeb for Access Control and CMS for Video Surveillance, are available from a network browser by username/password credentials for day-to-day administration tasks and viewing live cameras or recorded video.  Our software can also be accessed remotely via cell phone, laptop, or other remote devices with a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.  BlueWave does not set up VPN connections, your internal IT department will need to assist with this request.

    If We Swap Our Access Control to BlueWave, Can We Still Use Our Current Credentials (cards/fobs/etc.)?
    BlueWave will always do our best to leverage as much of your existing system, including credentials, during a swap out installation.  However, if your current system is using a proprietary format of credentials they will NOT work with ANY other system you install.  When consulting with our sales team, provide them with the manufacturer, part number and in some cases a sample credential for factory testing and they will confirm or deny compatibility.

    BlueWave has an extensive offering of credentials that will work with our 26bit wiegand system.  We provide custom programming, numbering sequences and card management services for a seamless replenishment process.  We can also print logos, custom artwork or images on the cards upon request.