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The Importance of Reporting

The situation we find ourselves in is novel. We often think of our enemies as bad actors, thieves, people who mean us harm – but in this case, our enemy is faceless, nameless, and incredibly...

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Surveillance cameras are one thing....but how do you make them work? How do you connect them to your network, playback, adjust camera settings and tune your system to make it work for you? The...

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Types of Cameras

There are hundreds of different types of security cameras on the market. A quick google search will leave your head spinning with options. Luckily, Jack and Neal sat down to discuss the plethora of...

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COVID-19 and BlueWave

BlueWave Security is working to stay up to date regarding the COVID-19 situation and is committed to flattening the curve and limiting the growth of the pandemic. We realize that our customers rely...

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Dual Authentication

Jack and Neal discuss the merits of utilizing dual authentication with your access control system.

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Single Door vs. Multi-Door Panels

Access Control comes in all different shapes and sizes. The most common examples are single door panels and multi-door panels. Both panel types of distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on...

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Is Your Camera Security Enough? Jack and Neal discuss camera systems and question whether the newest, best, most expensive technology is always the way to go. Take a look to learn more...

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