How the cloud simplifies your security and makes your job easier

When it comes to security, the cloud can give you the ease of mind that you need no matter where you are. The cloud is essentially a computer that sits in someone else’s server room. Some cloud storage that you might be familiar with is iCloud for your Apple products or the Google drive if you have an account and utilize their documents, forms, spreadsheets and more.

Make your security simple with the Cloud

For your access control and video surveillance, BlueWave takes on all the logistics for hosting and servicing the computer and removes that task from your IT team. You’ll then have access through a URL that you can access remotely, anywhere and everywhere.

How is the Cloud different from On-Prem?

When you have an On-Prem system, you can only access the software from within the four walls of your office, limiting you to when and where you can check in on your system.

Lift & Shift: Switching to the Cloud from On-Prem

Transitioning from your current On-Prem system to the cloud is streamlined with BlueWave. We like to call it the “Lift & Shift”. We will help to migrate all of your data while keeping the hardware on site. Our tech team will help you move all of your data to the Cloud that we set up for you and your company. 

One-Stop Cloud Shop

Whether you’re looking to set up a brand new system or transitioning from On-Prem to the Cloud, BlueWave has you covered. We offer the entire solution to you for a seamless transition. The Cloud is a monthly subscription for end users (similar to paying for iCloud) and this monthly subscription covers the hosting and maintenance of your system and gives you the ability to access your security system anywhere.

The Cloud for Installers: How does this benefit you?

There are many benefits for end users to transition to the cloud and it’s truly security simplicity at the core. But what are the benefits for you to recommend this for end users when you are working on a job? When you sell the Cloud to an end user, you’ll get to participate in the recurring revenue while we take on the logistics to make it happen. Not only is it a great solution for end users, but you’ll see monthly recurring revenue for that site. The more Cloud solutions you sell to the end users, the more money you see in your pocket every month – all for just transitioning them to the Cloud. 

Want to learn more?

Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out an inquiry form and a member of our team will be happy to talk with you about all your security needs! Whether it’s retrofitting an existing system, migrating to the cloud, or setting up a brand new on-premise system, we are prepared for any project.

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