What you need to know when adding physical security to your building

Physical security is a simple concept to grasp. 

Secure your doors. Hire a large human being to intimidate potential bad actors. Watch your facility on camera. 

But, physical security is not always a simple thing to install, to design and to implement. Perhaps the biggest challenge is the building itself. Depending on the material present and various architectural realities, the physical installation process can be difficult.

Material is a constant concern throughout the installation process. Most commercial/industrial facilities have concrete walls and thus any wire runs must be wrapped in conduit (which is expensive and labor intensive). Even the material used for doors, door frames and ceilings can drastically alter the character of a job. Hollow door frames are easy to work with and generally work with a variety of different locking hardware, while concrete filled door frames require rim devices and external wiring. If you aren’t sure which you have, give them a wrap with your knuckles – you will be able to hear whether it is hollow or not!

Another difficult aspect of installation is building layout and architecture. Ceiling height, building size, the location of power outlets and many other architectural factors determine the scope of labor, the difficulty of installation, the hardware quoted and the over efficacy of the system. Given the number of variables in any one site, it is always essential to see the site before installation to ensure your system can in fact cover everything you need.

The good news: almost any challenge presented by the physical realities of a site can be overcome with the right solution. High megapixel and zoom capable cameras can be put on high ceilings. Specialty locking hardware can be installed on unique doors. Power over ethernet equipment can be substituted for power supplies when outlets are not abundant.

The foresight required to install an effective physical security system is substantial. So is the benefit. With a seasoned professional in your corner, you can tackle any challenge that your site may have and install tangible peace of mind for you and your business. 

For any questions about your site or for some professional advice do not hesitate to reach out to us. Whether you have BlueWave on your wall or not, we are always eager and willing to help. 

Safety is our top priority, whether you are a customer or not. 


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